How to Improve Battery Life of Android Device

Before buying an Android phone you always check its specification like its RAM, PROCESSOR, CAMERA, etc. Also, you check its battery –mAh, how much power backup will it give and then you buy the device which comes in your budget and the specification you like, So not only seeing the backup the phone gives one should always take care of its battery, Battery backup is most critical in every Android phone. It is widely attributed by many Android users that battery life is what they consider before buying a new mobile. A survey says that many users expected a better performance from their battery while they travel long distances. It should last until we reach the destination.

There are few factors which can cause battery problems we have mention some of them below and tips which can help you increase battery backup of your device.

#1 Charger

Always use original charger that comes with the mobile, don’t use faulty chargers or chargers of different mobiles which will damage the battery as well as the touch screen of many mobiles.

#2 Temperature

Device battery can run into problem when temperature is below 0°C and above 70°C these are the limits, and you may be thinking that “I m not living such kind of places” but there are other factors, Your device produces heat every chip,screen,and you device is also covered by case and further if you put another case for protection, Even when using GPS for much period, and also where you store your mobile for eg in your pocket or in car on a hot day etc, can cause your device to heat up and same in case cold which can adversely effect your battery and its battery life

#3 Apps which consume more power

There may be some apps which you are running and which absorbs more power of your battery, always better to have a look at the apps which consume more power this can be easily checked, checking the battery status will always help you improving the battery backup, there may be some apps which you don’t want and are still running in background. Once you have a look at the battery consumption of the various apps, it is for you to decide which apps you want to close, in Settings > Power > Battery Use

#3 When to charge and when not too

That said, we recommend charging your battery when its between 40 and 70 percent. charge your battery regularly and do not let it drop below 20% and never let it discharge completely, who want to start their day on 20% power and wait till it get discharge before putting it to get charged, its not great idea to let your device be constantly plugged in, as it is consider charging once your device reaches 100% and it still plugged in can cause harm. Use socket timer, which turns off power to the socket after a set time

#4 Brightness control

Full brightness may be necessary while seeing the text on the device in full light day but why you need the full brightness in the dark or after sunset you can turn on auto brightness or dim your brightness in which you are comfortable to see the text on the screen

#5 Turn off the features when not in use

Features like wifi, bluetooth, GPS consumes a lot of power for instance if we take GPS when you are doing stuff which doesn’t need GPS just turn it off in location setting or in quick settings tap the location icon, as it consume much amount of power. If you turn wifi ON your phone is constantly searching for an access point, even though you may be driving around running around so best way is to turn it off

To turn off bluetooth and wifi you can go in settings and turn it off or use quick access settings

#6 Live wallpaper

Live wallpapers may look cool and beautiful but the animation in those wallpapers consumes battery continuously

#7 Battery saver

Many android is now having battery saver features which helps in saving your battery by turning off unnecessary apps and you that vibrating feature also consume battery, the battery saver turns off these feature too it reduces the device performance you can activate it by going to Settings > Battery or else you can set it on automatically when battery is at 15% etc.

#8 Root

Root your phone to explore additional options that will help you in tweaking so that your battery life increases. Tweaks such as governing CPU speed (Overclocking or under-clocking), installing custom ROM helps you enhance the battery life. Though rooting will void your warranty there are plenty of beneficial options that outnumber disadvantages.

#9 Disable windows animations

Disabling windows animations will enhance faster scrolling, quick access, and fast loading of applications. Disable windows animations by accessing the development menu from the settings of your mobile.

#10 Original Battery

Last but not least use original batteries, saving a few bucks and using the duplicate battery is not a nice idea as it may damage your beloved smartphone At last follow the above tips and tweaks to increase the performance and speed up of your android mobile. Keep your apps to minimum, don’t overload your mobile and expect the best performance. Understand what apps and tweaks your mobile can handle. Besides there are some apps that optimize all the software settings like task killing, memory optimization, disabling animations, etc automatically. Select wisely and get the best!

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