How To Reset/Hack Password of Windows

Forgotten Password? or gonna hack? Here are a few steps to used to reset the password or used of hacking windows 7 Operating System. Here are Five most Efficient Steps to crack passwords. (Method 3 is the best)

Method 1: Use Your Windows 7 Password Reset Disk If You Have

A password reset disk will be really an emergency measure if you can’t access to your system, you should note that the password-reset disk must be made before your forgot the password and it only works with Windows 7 local user account. Assuming that you have a previously created password-reset disk, then follow instructions below to reset your Windows 7 password easily.

windows password reset

Method 2: Using another account on the Same Device

If you have another available account who has administrator privilege before you try other solutions to solve this problem.

forgot Windows 7 password without disk

1. If you have a win 7 password reset disk, you can follow the step-by-step guide to fix the problem easily.
See Reset your Windows password with the disk.

2. If you have another available admin account, you can solve the problem with a few steps:

  • Run cmd.exe as administrator.
  • Type in: net user <user name> <new password> to set a new password to account <user name>.

Method 3: Using Startup Repair

Power on the computer and the Windows 7 should start. When it displays “Starting Windows” long press the power button to force the system shutdown. Windows 7 will treat this as a start up fault and try to recover from the error. Don’t worry! We’re moving rightly according to our planning.

Step 1: Restart your computer and you should get into the Error Recovery window. Select the ‘Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)’ option and hit ‘Enter’.

Launch Startup Repair to Reset Windows 7 Password

The startup repair wizard appears and the system starts checking for the problem.

startup problem search

Step 2: As there is no real problem, it can’t find any solution and suggests to use system restore. But, we are not going to use it. Click the ‘Cancel’ button.


Step 3: The Windows 7 attempts to repair the problems automatically. This takes several minutes. So, wait and wait. As there is no problem, Windows will end up with a message stating that “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically”. Now click the button as shown in the picture below to view the problem details.


Step 4: Scroll down to the end of the problem details section and click the link to read the local privacy statement as shown in the picture.


This opens the local privacy statement into a notepad document. You’re not going to read the privacy statement any way. What you need is to search and open some system files using the notepad.


Step 5: Select File > Open from the notepad menu bar.


Step 6: The ‘Open’ dialog window appears. Select ‘Local Disk’ from the ‘Look in’ drop-down menu.


Step 7: Now go to the Windows > System32 folder and change the file type to ‘All Files’.


Step 8: Find out the file named as sethc, select it and press the F2 key to rename the file. Give the name as sethc_bak.


Step 9: Similarly, search for the application file named cmd at the same location. Once found, right-click on it and select ‘Copy’. Now, right-click on an empty space and select ‘Paste’. Another file named as cmd – Copy is created at the same location.


Step 10: Rename the file ‘cmd – Copy’ to sethc.


Step 11: Once done, cancel all the opened windows and finally click the ‘Finish’ button at the ‘Startup Repair’ dialog window.


Step 12: Your computer will reboot as usual and the log-in screen will appear. Press the ‘Shift’ key for five times. Voila! The command prompt opens without getting logged into the system. Now you can use this command prompt to reset Windows 7 password.

Windows 7 password Reset from Command Prompt
Reset Windows 7 Password using the Command Prompt

Now you are a step away from resetting the password in Windows 7. At first run the following command to see the exact user names at the computer.

net user

This will show the list of users in the computer. Choose the username for which you want to reset the password.

Reset Password in Windows 7 using Net User Command

Now run the following command to reset the password.

net user &lt;user_name&gt; *

Replace the <user_name> with your own. Type your new password and retype it to confirm by replacing the *( do not include *).

How to Reset Windows 7 Password

You’ve successfully reset Windows 7 password without any Windows 7 password reset disk. You can now log into the Windows 7 system with the user name and the new password.

Note: After logging in, you would want to get back the original sethc file. Repeat Step One to Step Seven, delete the “sethc” file and rename “sethc_bak” to “sethc”. It will not make any change into the Windows 7 password reset task.

These are some steps related to resetting password of Windows 7.

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