How To Transfer Data Between Laptops Using WiFi

Many households have more than one computer. For instance, professionals who work outside the home may have a laptop computer for work and a desktop computer at home. Being able to share files between computers is a tremendous advantage and time saver. By far, the easiest way to do this is by connecting the computers to a local area network. Here’s how to share files wireless though a network.

Method – 1: How To Connect Two Laptop’s WiFi.

Step 1. Open the control panel and then click on Network and internet option. Then you see the network and sharing option. Open it.
Step 2. Now you see the Network and sharing Window with many options. You have to click on the set up a new connection.

Step 3. Now you see a choose connection option Dialog. In the dialog look for set up wireless and Adhoc network.

Step 4. Now you can see the next window with Network name, security type, and security key option.
Step 5. Now you have to give a name to your network and choose a security option. The default security option is WPA2-Personal which is stronger.

Step 6. You can also leave the security option with no authentication and WEP.
Step 7. Do not forget to tick the checkbox to save this network option. If you don’t tick the option then after disconnecting the network you have to configure the network again.
Now your wireless network is ready and shown with other networks. Click on your network to connect. After connecting you will see a message at the right-hand side of the network name waiting for users. Now you have to share data among Wireless networks.

Workgroup Sharing Settings.

If your Laptops have different OS then you have to use the Workgroup sharing option because this option can share data among similar and different OS.

Step 1. First, you need to check the Adhoc network you created, its network type should be Home or work.
Step 2. If not then open the network and sharing center then click on the name of network if it says home network then you do not need to change the network type otherwise you have to select a home network.

Step 3. This setting allows you to share your data with other computers. Another thing you need to check is that all the computers are in the same workgroup.
Step 4. In Windows X you can change Workgroup setting by right-clicking on My Computer and select properties. Look for system properties and click on the Computer Name tab to change the settings.
Step 5. In Windows Vista and higher versions right click on computer and click on properties. You can change these settings in the Computer name, Domain name, and workgroup settings section.
Step 6. The last thing that we should apply to Windows 7 PC from which we want to access other computers is to open the Explorer and click on the Network option.

Step 7. After that, you see a popup bar with Network discovery and file sharing are turned off. Network computers and devices are not visible. Turn on these settings to allow the sharing of resources

Follow the above steps to all the network computers to allow sharing with them.

Windows network discovery file sharing media settings
Windows network sharing advances settings

Step 8. Now open the network and sharing center click on change advanced sharing option. Then tick the radio buttons shown in the images.

Remember to turn off the password protected sharing.

Shared folder of the 2nd laptop can be viewed in Network section.

Method – 2: Using IP Messenger – Simple and Easy

This is the Best Method to Connect two Laptops or Computers for sharing the Files.You just need to Download and Install IP Messenger on Both the Laptops or Computers and You are all Done.

  • First of all Download and Install IP Messenger on Both the Laptops (Download 32 bit and Download 64 bit)
  • Set the IP address of one Laptop to be 192.168.0.x(x can be any value between 0-255) and set another computer IP address 192.168.0.y(y can be any value between 0-255)
  • Make sure that value of x doesn’t match the value of y it should be different (For Example set IP and
  • Now Run IP Messenger and You will see the Connected Devices in the List
  • Now You just need to Drag and Drop the Files that you want to Share
  • Accept the Files from the Other Computer and You are all Done.

So these are a few steps to connect two laptops using WiFi. By doing this you can easily transfer data from one laptop to another via WiFi. You just need to share that file or folder on the network which we had created between laptops.

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